10 Effective Rehire Email Templates to Bring Back Your Best Employees

Greetings, job seekers and hiring managers alike! In today’s fast-paced world, it’s not uncommon for a company to part ways with an employee, only to find themselves in need of their services once again. In such circumstances, having a well-crafted “rehire email template” at your disposal can make all the difference.

Whether you’re a hiring manager tasked with bringing back a valuable asset to your team, or a job seeker hoping to reunite with a former employer, having a solid blueprint for your rehire email will help you make a strong case for why the reunion is a win-win situation.

But where do you begin, you may ask? Fret not, as there are plenty of examples of effective rehire email templates out there that you can browse, edit and adapt to your specific needs. From showcasing your growth and accomplishments since your departure, to conveying the reasons why you’re the right fit for the job, a well-crafted rehire email can help you get your foot back in the door.

So if you’re considering reaching out to a former employer, or are tasked with bringing back a valuable employee, get started on crafting your rehire email template today. And who knows? You may just be celebrating a happy reunion soon enough.

The Best Structure for Rehire Email Template

When it comes to rehire email templates, having a clear and concise structure is key to ensure that the message is conveyed effectively. The structure of the email should consist of the following sections:

Greetings: Start off your rehire email template by addressing the recipient with a positive and friendly greeting. This sets the tone for the rest of the email and helps to establish a good rapport between you and the recipient.

Introduction: In this section, you should introduce yourself and provide some context regarding how you know the recipient. This can include any previous work experience, shared interests or connections, or past interactions. By doing so, you are able to establish a common ground and make the recipient feel more comfortable.

Reason for Rehire: The next section should focus on the reason why you are reaching out to the recipient. Be clear and specific about the roles and responsibilities that you are looking to fill, and explain why you think the recipient would be a good fit for the job. Share any relevant details about the position, such as the start date and compensation package.

Call to Action: This section is a crucial part of the email template, as it invites the recipient to take action. Whether that’s submitting a resume, scheduling an interview, or simply replying to the email, be clear about what you expect the recipient to do next. Make sure to include any necessary information, such as contact details or deadlines.

Closing: End the rehire email template with a polite and professional closing. This can include an expression of gratitude, a call-to-action, or a warm goodbye. Sign off with your name and contact details, and make sure to proofread the email for any errors before sending it.

In summary, the best structure for a rehire email template is one that is clear, concise and well-organized. By following the above format, you can ensure that your message is understood and that the recipient is more likely to respond positively to your request. Remember to keep the tone friendly and professional, and to include any relevant details that will help to persuade the recipient to consider the opportunity.

Rehire Email Template – Job Performance

Subject: Recommendation for Rehire

Dear Miss Thompson,

It comes with great pleasure to recommend the rehire of Sarah Connors. Sarah is an outstanding employee who consistently demonstrated her abilities and dedication while working for us. Her exceptional work ethic and excellent performance contributed immensely to the growth and success of our company during her tenure.

Her skillset and knowledge in her field are exceptional, and she always put forth the extra effort needed to meet the needs of our clients. She communicated effectively with clients and members of the team, and this led to a smooth flow of operations. Her strong leadership qualities and ability to work with others towards a common goal make her a valuable asset to any team.

We miss Sarah’s contributions to our company and strongly recommend her rehire without hesitation.

Thank you for considering this recommendation.

Best regards,

James Collier

Rehire Email Template – Professionalism

Subject: Request for Rehire

Dear Mr. Johnson,

I am reaching out to request a rehire for John Smith. During his time with our company, John displayed a high level of professionalism and commitment to quality work that had a significant impact on our team and clients. His contributions were consistently praised and applauded by his colleagues and superiors.

His work style was characterized by a positive attitude, attention to detail, and a willingness to always go above and beyond. He handled significant responsibilities within the company effectively and efficiently, and his ability to prioritize and manage tasks simultaneously was impressive.

I believe that the company would benefit greatly from rehiring John, and I wholeheartedly recommend him for this position. His enthusiasm, drive, and attention to detail are just a few attributes that make him a perfect candidate for this job. I assure you that you won’t be disappointed if you bring John back into your team.

Best regards,

Joanne Williams

Rehire Email Template – Team Player

Subject: Request for Rehire

Dear Mr. Richards,

I am writing to recommend the rehire of Mary Lee for your team. Mary was an outstanding employee during her tenure with our company, and her willingness to support her colleagues and her positive attitude made her an essential member of the team.

She approached challenging tasks with a positive outlook, and her communication skills allowed her to promote a supportive and productive work environment with her colleagues and clients. Her work ethic was unparalleled, and she was always willing to lend a hand or take on an extra task without complaint.

As a team player, Mary’s contributions are sorely missed, and I am confident that she would bring these same qualities to any new role. Her inspiring attitude and excellent interpersonal skills make her a perfect fit for a fast-paced and challenging environment.

I hope you consider her application favorably, and I know that she will excel in the new role.

Best regards,

Robert Thompson

Rehire Email Template – Excellent Work Ethic

Subject: Request for Rehire

Dear Mr. Peterson,

I am excited to recommend the rehire of Samantha Green based on her exceptional work ethic and commitment to quality work. Samantha was an asset to our team, and she always displayed an inspiring and ambitious attitude toward her work.

Her work was always delivered on time and at a high level of quality, even when faced with tight deadlines and challenging projects. She consistently strived to exceed expectations, bringing creativity and innovation to her work. Her communication skills with clients and colleagues were excellent, which ensured a seamless workflow within the team.

Our company would undoubtedly benefit from having Samantha back in the team, and I strongly recommend that you consider her application. She is an exceptional team player who will help raise the company to greater heights.

I look forward to seeing Samantha back in our team, and I am glad to provide any further recommendations on her behalf.

Best regards,

Emily Peterson

Rehire Email Template – Leadership Qualities

Subject: Request for Rehire

Dear Miss Anderson,

I am delighted to recommend the rehire of Ken Brown. During his tenure with our company, he demonstrated excellent leadership qualities and demonstrated a high level of professionalism that helped our company achieve its goals.

As a leader, Ken was a great role model, and his work always inspired his team members to perform at their best. He introduced effective communication strategies that helped to streamline the workflow between departments and boosted individual team member’s morale. He took the initiative to lead by example, and this has positively impacted the team’s performance and productivity.

We regret the loss of Ken from our team, and we believe that he will be a great asset to any team that considers hiring him. I wholeheartedly recommend him for any leadership role given his proven track record and excellent work ethic.

Thank you for considering this recommendation.

Best regards,

Steven Anderson

Rehire Email Template – Initiative and Creativity

Subject: Request for Rehire

Dear Mr. James,

I am writing to highly recommend the rehire of Kimberly White. During her tenure, Kimberly displayed extraordinary creativity and initiative, which had a significant impact on our team’s effectiveness and level of innovation.

Kimberly’s never-say-die attitude and the willingness to take initiative set her apart from others. She consistently went above and beyond her tasks, creating innovative solutions that surpassed our expectations. Her creative mindset and problem-solving abilities were remarkable, and this not only boosted her productivity but also helped other team members improve their output.

It is with great confidence that I recommend Kimberly for the available position at your company. Her skills, drive, and a great personality make her a valuable asset, and I have no doubt that she will make a tangible impact on the team.


William James

Rehire Email Template – Positive Attitude

Subject: Request for Rehire

Dear Mr. Johnson,

I am reaching out to you regarding the rehire of Emeka Obi. I had the pleasure of working with him during our tenure at our former company, and his professionalism and positive attitude made him an essential member of the team.

Emeka always showed great enthusiasm and initiative towards his job, and his positive attitude inspired everyone in the team. He was always willing to lend a hand and took ownership of his work, ensuring it was both accurate and timely. His constant smile and positive outlook made an impact on the team, and his presence was greatly missed after his departure.

I highly recommend considering Emeka for the available role, and I am confident that his work ethic and positive energy will make him an invaluable member of the team.

Thank you for taking the time to consider my recommendation. Please let me know if you require any further information about Emeka.

Best regards,

Helena Johnson

Tips for writing an effective rehire email template

If you’re in the process of hiring an employee who has previously worked for your company, crafting a rehire email template can be a helpful tool to streamline the process. Here are some tips to keep in mind when writing your template:

  • Be clear and professional: Your email should convey a professional tone and clearly explain the rehire process. Include details such as the employee’s start date, expected duties, and any other relevant information.
  • Highlight the employee’s strengths: Since the employee has worked for your company before, you likely have a good understanding of their strengths and areas of expertise. Be sure to mention this in your email to show that you value their skills and contributions.
  • Address any concerns: If the employee left on less-than-ideal terms or there were any issues during their previous employment, it’s important to address these upfront. Be straightforward and honest about any concerns you may have, and make it clear that you are willing to work with the employee to ensure a successful return.
  • Include next steps: Make sure your email includes clear next steps for the employee to take, such as filling out paperwork or attending an orientation session. This will help ensure that the rehire process goes smoothly and the employee is fully prepared for their return.
  • Show enthusiasm: Last but not least, make sure to express your excitement at the prospect of having the employee return to your team. Let them know that you value their contributions and are excited to have them back on board.

By following these tips, you can create a rehire email template that is professional, clear, and effective at facilitating a smooth and successful rehire process.

FAQs related to Rehire Email Template

What is a rehire email template?

A rehire email template is a pre-written email that is sent to a previous employee inviting them to reapply for a job at a company.

When should I use a rehire email template?

You should use a rehire email template when you want to invite a previous employee to reapply or show your interest in bringing them back on board.

What should be included in a rehire email template?

A rehire email template should include a welcoming message, a job opening, a recap of the employee’s past experience, and necessary information about the rehire process and how to apply.

What is the purpose of a rehire email template?

The purpose of a rehire email template is to reconnect with employees who have left the company and encourage them to apply for a job opening, show their value to the company, and evaluate their interest in rejoining the team.

Is it necessary to provide a job opening in a rehire email template?

Yes, it is necessary to provide a job opening in a rehire email template to give a clear idea of what position is open and help the employee decide if they want to apply for it.

Should I personalize a rehire email template for each employee?

Yes, it is important to personalize a rehire email template for each employee to show that you value their skills, experience, and time with the company. It also increases the chances of getting a positive response.

How can I make a rehire email template sound authentic and appealing?

You can make a rehire email template sound authentic and appealing by using a friendly tone, highlighting the employee’s past accomplishments, showing appreciation for their work, and expressing that the company values them.

What should I do if the employee declines the rehire offer?

If the employee declines the rehire offer, it is important to accept their decision graciously, thank them for their time with the company and offer to stay in touch for potential future opportunities.

What are the benefits of using a rehire email template?

The benefits of using a rehire email template are that it saves time, ensures consistency in communication, increases the chances of getting a positive response, and helps the company rehire top talent.

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So, there you have it – a rehire email template to make your employee’s transition back to your company smoother and more exciting. We hope this article has been useful to you and that you feel better equipped to rehire the best candidates out there. Keep in mind that there’s no perfect formula for a rehire email, but with these tips in mind, you’re well on your way to success. Thanks for reading, and be sure to check back soon for more tips and tricks to make your HR job easier and more enjoyable.