Stimulant Fat Burning Supplements

Fat loss is on everyone’s mind at one time or another.

It’s natural; as human beings we like to look good, and there is nothing wrong with that. Diet and exercise are both definitely the recommended first line protocol for burning fat, and if executed correctly, will lead to fat loss.

However, a time may come after losing some weight when things “plateau”. You may feel like you’re doing everything necessary for fat loss, but week after week the scale does not budge.

This is the time when the assistance of a fat burning supplement is usually recruited. This is a good next step, but is also the point where many things can go wrong, especially if you just consume any random supplement without knowing what it contains and what it does.

The most common fat burning supplements broadly fall into one of two categories; stimulant or non stimulant based.

Stimulant based fat burners typically include one or more compounds related to caffeine, and work by increasing levels of catecholanmines – chemicals in the body which boost alertness, and fat burning potential.

On the other hand, are the non-stimulant fat burners – those without stimulants that work via mechanisms separate from elevating catecholamine levels. These supplements are usually stacked in order to boost their efficiacy, as used alone their effects may seem underwhelming.

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In regards to stimulant based fat burners, the increased levels of the catecholamines that they result in are essential to the fat burning process, but can be troublesome in individuals who do not realize that they may possess some degree of genetic intolerance to them and are generally sensitive to stimulants.